The Eclectic Storefront Giveaway Linky 

Link up your giveaways here. I will clean these out so that only ACTIVE giveaways are on the list. 

HOSTS: I only ask that you post giveaways that will be ending NO SOONER than a week out. I check the list as much as I can to delete old links.

All giveaways MUST include the following information:
  • End Date
  • Item up for Grabs (Please be as specific as you can.)
  • Rafflecopter- Yes Or No? Put "RC" in the title if it is a Rafflecopter giveaway. For all other giveaways put "NO RC" in the title.
ENTRANTS: Simply look through the list, find a giveaway that you would like to enter and click the thumbnail/link. This will directly you straight to that giveaway page where you will find instructions on how to enter that giveaway.